International Journal of Economic Perspectives (ISSN:1307-1637)


Volume 10, Issue 1, March 2016.


1. Macroeconomic Determinants of Budget Deficit: Evidence from Sierra Leone

Alimamy BANGURA, Abu Bakarr TARAWALIE, Lansana FOFANAH and Sellu MACARTHY


2. Electronic Commerce and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Taiwanese Industries

Kuang-Hsien WANG and Yu-Chuan PENG


3. Health Financing, Environmental Quality and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Developing Countries

Abdalla SIRAG, Norashidah Mohamed NOR, Miloud LACHEHEB, Siong Hook LAW and Nik Mustapha Raja ABDULLAH


4. Internal Determinants of Bank Profitability: Evidence from Turkish Banking Sector

Mehmet Sabri TOPAK and Nimet Hulya TALU


5. Self-Sufficiency in Rice: Analysis of Production, Consumption, and Importation of the Rice-Producing Regions in the Philippines

Katherine P. CARDONA and Dante R. GARCIA


6. Position of Female Managers in Croatian Tourism

Davor PERKOV, Dinko PRIMORAC, and Matej PERKOV


7. Export Market Concentration and the Potential for Export Market Diversification in the Oil and Gas Sector in a Small Open Economy

Simeon KAITIBIE, Muneera Ibrahim AL-JAIDAH, and Munshi Masudul HAQ


8. Exploring the Finance-Growth Volatility Nexus: Evidence from Developed, Developing and Transition Countries

Gülin VARDAR and Yener COSKUN


9. Impact of EU Governance Reforms and ECB Policy Reactions on European Government Bond Markets

Imre ERSOY and Fadime Irem DOGAN


10. An Empirical Investigation of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) for NORDIC Countries: Evidence from Linear and Nonlinear Unit Root Tests

Burak GURIS, Yasar Serhat YASGUL, and Muhammed TIRASOGLU


11. Dividend Policy, Information Technology, Accounting Reporting to Investor Reaction and Fraud Prevention



12. The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Regional Unemployment in Turkey

Hacer Simay KARAALP-ORHAN and Ferda Esin GULEL


13. The Role of Self-Confidence in Moderatting the Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Accountant Career Development: An Indonesian Evidence



14. Re-estimation of the Size of Underground Economy in European Countries: MIMIC Approach



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