International Journal of Economic Perspectives (ISSN:1307-1637)

International Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2016, Volume 10, Issue 2, 111-117.

Could Islamic Work Ethics Reduce the Work Stress of Accountants and Minimize Their Intention to Quit?

Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Jakarta, Indonesia.


This study aims to find empirical evidence about the role of Islamic work ethics to reduce job stress and minimize intention to quit. This study has uniqueness and is different from previous studies, primarily on the respondent population, which was surveyed. This study involved management accountants who work in the Islamic finance industry in Indonesia. The sample selection is purposive sampling method. Data were collected using a questionnaire. The hypothesis of the study was tested using the Simple Regression methods and Moderated Regression Analysis. The results suggest that job stress is able to increase intention to quit. Further, Islamic work ethics can reduce job stress and minimize the accountants’ intention to quit the job. Results of the study are useful for organizations' leaders, especially in the Human Resources Department as one of the references to guide and empower employees to achieve the goals and objectives of the organizations.

JEL Classification: M1; M21; M31; M4.    

Keywords: Islamic Work Ethics; Job Stress; Intention to Quit.

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